The Proposal

The Proposal

10 steps to a perfect proposal!


Once you have your diamond engagement ring, it’s time for your big moment – the proposal.

Most likely, this is the part that scares you the most. You might be nervous, unsure and wonder if you’re doing it the “right” way, or more importantly, the way she always envisioned it. So, before you drop down on one knee and utter those four little words, take a minute to make sure you’ve read the following tips.

Test the Waters
This one seems simple, but the last thing you want is to catch her off guard with a proposal. Have you ever talked about marriage or a future together? Is it something that you both want? You want her to be beyond joyful when you ask her to marry you, so take some time and have those important conversations now.

Buy the Perfect Engagement Ring
She says she’ll love anything you get, but let’s be honest – she knows exactly what ring she wants. And since this ring is a something she will wear forever, you want to make sure it’s the right style for her. Check out our tips for figuring out what she really wants.

Talk to Her Parents
Yes, you don’t need to ask her father for permission, but if you feel comfortable (and especially if she is traditional or close with her parents), we highly recommend taking a moment for this respectful gesture.

Make it a Surprise
Even though we suggest that you discuss the idea of getting married, and even if she is involved in choosing her diamond engagement ring, we still believe that the proposal itself should be a surprise. Even girls who say they don’t love surprises will agree with this one.

Be Prepared (and maybe practice)
The four words may seem simple, but chances are you are going to be nervous and struggle to get them out.  So, as silly as it sounds, practice. Say it out loud, maybe on one knee, and if you have a lot to say, write it down. You want to sound smooth and confident, right?

Pick a Personal and Special Spot
Where did you meet? Do you have a favorite spot or activity? Is there somewhere you, or her, have always dreamed about going? Simple or complex, whatever spot you choose, make sure it has some meaning.

Be Creative
There are a lot of “cookie cutter” proposal ideas out there…and you don’t want to be one of them! But don’t worry, we don’t say creative to mean complicated or expensive. Instead, just take the time to plan out the proposal and incorporate your (and her) personality, favorite things, etc. into the proposal.

Drop to One Knee
So, this is the one that may seem cliché but trust us…it’s necessary. Almost any woman you ask will say that she expects her man to propose from one knee, even if she isn’t the most traditional. And hey, it’s your easy chance to be charming and romantic.

Tell Her Why You Want to Marry Her
Don’t just drop to your knee and ask her to marry you. This is one moment that you can’t get back, and you want to do it right. If you’re ready to marry her, tell her why and don’t be shy.

Have a Plan to Celebrate
It’s one thing to have a great proposal planned, but have you thought about what’s next? If you’re not at a restaurant, have plans already made for dinner and celebratory champagne. Or already have a plan in mind to invite all of your friends out for drinks to celebrate with you. Making this amazing moment last all night will stay in her mind for a very long time.

Plus, three very important Don’ts…

Don’t Overthink It
As mentioned above, we absolutely recommend that you plan, practice and be creative. But, don’t overdo it to the point where you act strange and she gets suspicious. Especially if you are a guy who romance doesn’t come naturally to (that’s okay), make sure what you have planned fits both of your personalities.

Don’t Necessarily Go Public
From what you see on TV and in movies, it seems like big, flashy proposals are what everyone does. However, make sure that is what she wants, because most women actually don’t want that kind of attention and prefer an intimate and personal moment with you alone.

Don’t Tell Too Many People Beforehand
Chances are you will have confided in her best friend, sister or mother to get advice on the ring. We also know that some guys feel better confiding in a fellow male friend when they are stressed or making a decision as big as this. But just keep in mind, that the more people you tell, the more risk there is for her to get wind of it all. Plus, she’ll love the feeling of telling her friends herself and hearing them scream with excitement. So make sure anyone you tell beforehand is the ultimate secret keeper.