Picking The Right Hair Style


Picking the Right Hairstyle

Once you make the decision to have a wedding, all of a sudden life can get very, very complicated (thank you Pinterest for absorbing me in your wedding Web for 5 hours last night and I’m not even engaged!). The wedding options are endless. So are the wedding hair options. You can pull your hair up in the most amazing loop de loops, or you can wear your hair half up and half down . There are jewels you can wear in your hair or flowers flown in from Oahu! Maybe you should do a retro 50s thing with a short little Jackie O veil. Or curls spiraling down your back…

Deep breaths.

Before you do anything hair-wise, you should pick your dress. A bride’s hair should complement her dress, not compete with it. Your veil is different. If you choose to wear one, you can actually choose a veil based on the hairstyle, or vice versa.

Another good rule of thumb for selecting a hairstyle is to consider your personality and the wedding theme. Are you a casual person getting married barefoot on a beach? Consider keeping your hair down. Are you spending $1,000 per wedding guest to marry on the top-floor of a Manhattan high rise? Consider a formal updo. Is this a farm wedding? Cascading curls!

You’ll want to consider your hair texture and length as well because if you want that shellacked updo, you’re going to need long-ish hair to achieve it. There are many amazing hairstyles for short hair brides, so don’t let that freak you out.

As for hair texture, I recommend you don’t fight your natural texture. Curly hair looks amazing either down or up. Straight hair can be curled into waves and wound into ornate updos (with the help of pins and hairspray). Wavy hair can be either straightened or curled and is the perfect texture for half-up/half-down styles as well as updos.

A few months before the wedding, start perusing magazines and online hairstyle galleries

to pick out some favorites. If you are super organized, you can even pin your favorite styles to Pinterest to keep them in one place and show off your options to your friends. In any case, you’ll want a few options to bring along to your hair consultation (more on this in a bit).

Finally, when selecting styles, think ahead 20 years. When your kids look at your wedding album will they see a classic bride or a dated bride (careful with those cascading tendrils)? You want your wedding day style to be timeless.

Extra tip: Consider if you’re going to keep the veil on for the reception or take it off after the wedding ceremony. Most brides take it off, but I’ve read in many forums that pictures can be really romantic if you wear your veil at the reception.